Zeus: The Shoe That Will Outlive You

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Super Bowl commercials have taken on a life of their own. In fact, people often point to them as the high points of the game. So when Polk High’s own star player Al Bundy hears a new athletic shoe is coming out and casting for a commercial to air during the big game, he thinks he’s a “shoe in”.

Despite laughter and mockery from his family, Al lands the commercial and is the new Zeus man. Al’s castmates include many hall of fame athletes. The first one he encounters is former Dallas Cowboy Ed “Too Tall” Jones. Since Al never got a script he is unsure of what to do. Being told by the director to follow his instincts, Al drops back and does his Al Bundy pose while Too Tall follows the director’s order to “deck him”.

Next up is baseball. Al is introduced to his next castmate, pitcher Steve Carlton. Once again, the director gives simple direction to Al. Kelly catches the deflected ball in the air, and has Steve Carlton autograph it to “the late Al Bundy.”

Finally, it’s time for some boxing. As Al reveals his plan to sucker punch his castmate, the unknown co-star Sugar Ray Leonard steps in the ring. In the words of Peggy, “he didn’t even have time to whimper out a No Mas”.

It’s halftime of the Super Bowl comes and it’s time for the commercial to premiere. It seems that the angle of the commercial is to mock and deride Al without even showing his face, and proving that with the Zeus shoe you don’t have to play, throw, or even hit like a pro.

If that wasn’t enough agitation for Al, the extra point so to speak is when Buck the family dog changes the game to Steel Magnolias.