Why Women See Elvis While Men See UFOs

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When Peg transforms his home into an Elvis Presley tourist attraction, Al Bundy is left wondering “why is that Elvis is dead and I’m the one in hell.” Having to sleep in the shoe store, he himself wonders how he can make any money out of this but is at a disadvantage because he’s not a “low life con man, like my kids.”

As Steve visits him, the pair discusses other unconfirmed phenomena, such as UFOs. Al says he believes in UFOs because it’s the only way he thinks he can get off this planet. He goes so far as to say that’s the only thing that keeps him going.

His dream would be that a spaceship lands (hopefully on garbage day), and then a “gorgeous martian with THREE big hooters walks out.” Telling Steve the third hooters is for her back for dancing, Al finally figures out a way to try and move merchandise. Shoes. Not just any shoes, but blue suede shoes.

Arriving home with hundreds of pairs of shoes, Al is horrified to find that the Elvis crowd has abandoned them because of another sighting in Youngstown, Ohio. With his entrepreneurial face on, Al vows to go to Youngstown. With the shoes of course.