The Three Habibs

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When Peg blows through Al Bundy’s early retirement money, he has no choice but to get another job. And what else would it be but as a shoe salesman? But this time it’s not women’s shoes but at an athletic shoe store where are introduced to the three Habibs.

He meets his new three co-workers, all named Habib. He asks how can he tell them apart, and they claims it is easy. All you need to do is point at which Habib you are speaking to. That’s what they do.

Not only are they Al’s co-workers but they claim they soon will be management Habibs. The store, Homeplate Athletic Shoes, is up for sale. The three of them are saving their money together to buy.

Al counters that they’re better off playing the lottery. There’s no money in shoes and Al knows since he’s been selling them since all three of them were just a gleam in a New York taxi cab driver’s eye.

With the manager heading out for personal business (one of his prostitutes is free), Al is in charge. Giving the three Habibs orders inspires him to himself buy the store, and be the last American to own his own business.

Will he succeed? Anyone who’s watched the show can answer that.