The hotties of Married…with Children: Milla Jovovich

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For Married… With Children fans, Jovovich is best known because of her role as Yvette in the 1989 episode, “fair exchange (season 4, episode 6). This episode featured Jovovich visiting Chicago to be a high school exchange student staying with the Bundy family. Although Kelly, at first, welcomes Yvette as a friend and fellow student, their relationship quickly sours once Kelly realizes Yvette is attracting all the cute boys. kelly may be hot, but Yvette is hot with a foreign accent. the youngest, Bud Bundy, of course, makes a play for Yvette, only to be turned down. Al and Peggy, are slightly courteous to Yvette, but only seem to be interested in this temporary student for the money they will earn from her stay at their place.

Although foreign exchange students are a fascinating phenomenon — just to see how young people from one culture get along with people in far off lands — Married… with Children has never been big on seriously exploring the culture. therefore, this introduction of Yvette to our Bundy’s marks just one more opportunity for the dysfunctional tv family to behave poorly and selfishly like they always do.

Jovovich performs well on the program, although she mainly sticks to her stereotypically foreign girl role. she speaks with a thick accent and looks confused before settling into American norms. she’s funny, but if you think about it, this part is really not much of a stretch. she merely needed to draw upon her own personal experiences as a young Russian girl, growing up in America.