The Legend Of Psycho Dad

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Everyone has a TV hero. Even TV characters have TV heroes. Bart Simpson has Krusty the Clown and the boys of South Park have Terrance and Phillip. The television hero that Al worships is a nameless westerner known as Psycho Dad.

The majority of information on the show within a show came from cleverly replaceable song lyrics to the same melody. These lyrics can vary from but are not exclusive to:

Who’s that riding into the sun,
Who’s the man with the itchy gun,
Who’s the man who kills for fun
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad…(On Fox)


He’s quick with a gun,
But he loves his son,
Killed his wife cause she weighed a ton!

From episodes of Married With Children, we can gather that it was set in “the old west” and Al references a specific episode in which Psycho Dad is set to shoot his wife but she ducks and he accidentally kills President Lincoln instead. “Damn women” Al proclaims. So we at least know a certain time period in which the show took place of the mid-1800’s.

Al also is very excited to see a very special episode of Psycho Dad where he finds out his wife and the school marm are teaching his son housework. But, he’s only got one cartridge left. What does he do? “What would any of us do…”

Bob Rooney mentioned an episode but was cut off in his description of “take the time he went charging into this Indian village that was filled with unarmed women and children. So he’s blasting away…”

There even seemed to be a spinoff, Psycho Mom (also on Fox).

Unfortunately, and in an ironic case of art imitating life, certain groups (led by Marcy) oppose and protest against the show and even get it taken off the air. Marcy claims that Psycho Dad averaged 84 killings per episode. Al’s retort was “Well a man’s gotta reload.”

When it’s pointed out that part of the lyrics read “Killed his wife cause she weighed a ton”, Al jumps to Psycho Dad’s defense again by saying that when he married her she wasn’t fat.