The Death Of Fuzzy Mcgee, World’s Greatest Sidekick

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Celebrity deaths have a profound effect on us. Although we might not have known them personally, we have found a way to connect to them. And when they pass on, we react in different ways.

So when Al Bundy tuned into Western Geezer Theater only to hear that Fuzzy Mcgee, who played Al’s favorite sidekick, has died, he takes it pretty hard.

Attending his funeral where the only other mourner is his trusty horse from the movies, Dadgummit, Al is forced to eulogize him. This makes him think about where he would like to be buried when he passes away. And that’s right in between Fuzzy himself as well as Dadgummit.

When he tells Peg his afterlife plans, she misinterprets him. As he tells her he wants to be married next to “ole fuzzy”, and “the mule”, Peg thinks he’s referring to her. Finally annoyed by his wife enough, Al agrees to let Peg be buried next to him as long as he can be next to Fuzzy.

Going to the mortuary, they converse with an undertaker played by Dan Castellaneta (making his second appearance on the show). When the Bundys inform him they only have 100 dollars to spend, they are faced with one option. They will stack Al and Peg on top of each other in one grave and whoever dies first is on the bottom. And of course, Al knows he’ll die first.