The Curse of Al Bundy

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All curses start somewhere. Just ask the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. But besides sports curses, whole lives can be cursed and sometimes even before an individual is born. Such is the case with Al Bundy, whose own curse of life goes back to hundreds of years to his ancestor, Seamus McBundy.

A blacksmith/shoemaker in Lower Uncton, England in the 17th century, Seamus indeed showed his Bundy lineage. When Poxilda, a woman of the heavier variety, showed up to see if her horse was ready yet, Seamus remarks that he had to send out for extra parts to reinforce its feet. Along with “a sign around his neck saying ‘I’m With Fatso'”.

Warning him that she is a “great and powerful witch” he continues his verbal onslaught until she prepares a curse not only for him but his entire male bloodline and the entire city of Lower Uncton itself.

When she claims that Lower Uncton will be in darkness forever, Seamus inquires if that’s because she herself will be up blocking the sun. Just for that last one, she adds in the curse that his and all his descendant’s feet will stink for the rest of eternity.

Laughing off the curse from “blubber belly”, Seamus discounts it since he was a sports hero who was to turn pro had he not married. Sound familiar?