The Abdomenizer

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As Peg Bundy is watching TV, she sees an infomercial for the latest exercise tool, the abdomenizer. Not sure if she actually wants to buy it, product spokesperson, former “Dallas” actress Charlene Tilton rushes right over to demonstrate it.

Bud takes this opportunity to flirt with Charlene. He claims he already gets enough exercise in his bedroom. Charlene counters that with the abdomenizer, for the first time he could actually have some company.

Al Bundy walks through the door and is too focused to concern himself with Charlene Tilton being in his living room. He wants to buy a shoe store and needs to get the money from Peg.

As usual, Peg will not give him anything, until Al pulls out his trump cards. He is going to embarrass every member of the family. He is going to sit shirtless in a lawn chair at Bud’s college and tell everyone he’s his father.

He will do the same at Kelly’s diner where he also says he will be pulling up his Hanes. Then, he’s going to go to Peg’s beauty parlor and by that time he won’t be wearing any underwear.

Finally, he tells Charlene Tilton that he’s going to have a big sign reading “I’ve been using the Abdomenizer two years and this is what I look like”.

Using these threats, Al is able to get his money. All he needs is for his family to wake him up in time to buy the store. Of course, Al oversleeps and Peg’s only excuse is that if she could handle responsibility she herself would have a job.

Al then takes what’s left of his money and invests in his family’s future. Thousands of dollars of lottery tickets. The announcers say there is a winner, and who more deserving than a shoe salesmen. Just as Al gets his hopes up, he learns it’s three of his former co-workers, Habib, Habib, and Habib.

However, all is not lost. Bud got a few numbers right and they won five dollars!