Spend some time with Kelly!

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There are few actresses who embody the playful coquettishness of ’90s babedom than Christina Applegate. For more than a decade, Applegate was a subversive sex symbol as Kelly Bundy on raunchy Fox sitcom Married…with Children, a raunchy, rebellious teen daughter in stark contrast to more uptight girls next door. While the stunning actress has enjoyed a remarkable film career since we’ll always remember her as the epitome of a bad girl — and a thorn in father Al’s side.

Here’s a great compilation of some of Kelly’s greatest moments.

Robby Bennett: The Bennett family motto is “we see it, we want it, we get it.”
Kelly: Well the Bundy family motto is “it sees us, insults us, we kick its ass.”
Robby Bennett: Do you know who my dad is?
Kelly: Sure, your father.