Some of Al Bundy’s Biggest Customers

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Wow, some of Al Bundy’s customers were just the worst and we all know Al’s views on large women. In his job at “Gary’s Shoes and Accessories for Today’s Lady” in the New Market Mall, his primary duty is helping women, typically fat or unattractive women, in fitting their shoes. Al hates his job and loses it many times throughout the series owing to him insulting his customers rather than helping them, however invariably ends up getting his job back.

There’s a running joke throughout the series that Al makes minimum-wage. The family has also earns money through game shows, theft, varied crazy-ass schemes and mooching off the wealth of their next-door neighbors (Steve and Marcy Rhoades, later Marcy D’Arcy) throughout the entire series.

Can you imagine going into a Foot Locker store and getting help from someone like Al Bundy?! This clip is hilarious and still one of the most viewed Married…with Children clips on the site.