The Real Mannequin Challenge

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As many continue the latest fad of pretending to be a mannequin, Bud Bundy took it a step further. Needing a date in order to fit in with his friends who already have some, Bud first asks Kelly for help. Being the great sister she is, she declines and advises him to get a mannequin.

At first against the idea, Bud nonetheless is forced to embrace the concept. Naming her Monique, he even takes a vacuum to his neck to appear he has a hickey. His friends (young Stephen Dorff and Giovani Ribisi) arrive with their dates, and not only does the ruse seem to work, but the guys become envious of Bud’s “date”.

With the lights turned down, Bud and Monique dance by themselves while his friends and their dates do not seem to connect. Calling him “Bud the stud”, they lament that he has a real woman and all they have is dead wood.

Even the girls are impressed with Monique, especially her dress. In fact, one of them says they just saw it in a department store window.

Finally, Monique begins to break apart and lose her head (literally). Bud takes this as an opportunity to go upstairs for some private time. Stumbling and tripping, the mannequin’s parts begin to detach. Luckily, Bud the Stud is able to get all of the pieces upstairs.

As he would later to say to Kelly, “she was a little stiff at first but then she loosened up”.