Peg Bundy Discovers the Microwave

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Being Home Shopping Network’s shopper of the month nets Peg Bundy a free microwave. But that doesn’t mean she knows what it is, or how to use it.

Kelly assumes that it’s broken since every time she presses the popcorn button no popcorn actually comes out. They get higher hopes when she tries the meat loaf or veal button and wonders which will be first.

Being told by Bud that they actually have to first put food in it, they look to see what they can heat up. At first, all that can be found is a headless turtle, which was Kelly’s pet, which they claim was cryogenically frozen until they found a cure for what he was sick with. This could be interpreted as payback for when Bud’s pet fish was shoved in the freezer for the same reason.

Finding a meatball, the Bundy family put it in the microwave to see what happens. It’s at that moment they realize the meatball is Timmy the turtle’s head.