Peg the Birthday Girl

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Bowling is arguably the oldest sport known to man. Supposedly cave men used stones to throw at objects in a competition. A cave man who definitely loves the sport is Al Bundy!

As a true athlete, Al excels at bowling (except for when his thumb warmer did him in during the Bundy vs. Stokes family). He has gotten so good that he aspires to break the local alley record held by Puggy Weaver, a man leaving the neighborhood soon, in front of his “fat, sweating, pork like face.”

He has avoided all distractions. Red wine. Red meat. Redheads.

In true Bundy fashion, as soon as Al breaks the record, word starts to spread that Peg, bowling just out of boredom on her own birthday, has continued to bowl strikes and is on the verge of a perfect game.

Al does everything he can to keep his record intact and at least prevent her from the feat. Making comments about her aging, surprising her from behind, and even saying their kids were killed in an avalanche, he does anything he can just to break up her mojo.

Luckily for Peg, this was Al Bundy’s record she was breaking. So even when it seemed the last pin would still stand, it motioned slowly and then went down. Just like Al’s record.