In November, a vote for Al Bundy and NO MAAM is a vote for hooters.

Published on September 26, 2016

In a few months, the voters of America will go to the boots and decide between the Democratic nominee and Republican. There might be a few third party candidates and if you are looking to vote for one, consider the nomination of the NO MAAM party.

Presidential candidate Al Bundy and his running mate Griff X (the X stands for screwed over by the ex-wife) want to make America jiggly again. They stand up against anyone who will raise tax on beer. They want to bring back the natural order of things. Life, nudity, and the pursuit of happiness.

When a conversation between a husband and wife began with “What’s for dinner”. When a driver’s side airbag was called a mother-in-law. That you had the freedom to call hooters “honkers” or even sometimes “snack trays”.

Voting for them is not just voting in these two average joes, but their cabinet as well. Jefferson (named after a President) Darcy will serve as secretary of state and keep every minute from 8:01, 8:02, 8:03…

Sargent In Arms Ike will handle foreign affairs and Bob Rooney will, well there’s always room for someone who can play an armpit tuba with their hands. In November, a vote for Al Bundy and NO MAAM is a vote for hooters.

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