Kelly’s Pet Turkey Hank

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Even with the addition of Lucky the dog, Kelly Bundy never got over the death of Buck Bundy (even though Buck was reincarnated as Lucky). So when the chance of adopting a pet turkey arrived, she jumped at it. It just also happened to be Thanksgiving – somewhat unlucky for Kelly’s Pet Turkey Hank.

Following her home and already with a pet leash around it, the turkey is named Hank by his new master. Bud, Peg, and Jefferson all do their best to manipulate Kelly into giving up her new pet so they can have a traditional Thanksgiving so to speak.

Claiming they’ve made a nice “bed” for him, which is just a pot, and they’ll put him in a little house which happens to be the oven. They’ll then put on a “night light” for him to use.

Kelly interprets this to mean one thing. They’re trying to get Hank to like them more than her!

Also trying that Hank might be sick with turkey pox, they say they can take his temperature with a meat thermometer. To which, Kelly assumes they just want to see him naked!

Finally, sick of the ruse, the jig is up. Kelly rushes Hank to safety in her room. With no other way out, she tells Hank she loves him and will miss him, and instructs him to fly away. Sadly, she did not know that turkeys could not fly.

Kelly’s Pet Turkey Hank, now cooked pet turkey Hank is on the Bundy dining room table. Just then, the original owner of the turkey, a young boy comes looking for him.

Revealing his original name to be Timothy, the boy is upset but not for the reason you might think. He wanted to be the one that killed him.