I’m Going To Sweatland

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Even after rock and roll legend Elvis Presley passed away, there are still many people (mostly women) who say they’ve seen him. One of them was Peg Bundy.

As she was leaving Al’s shoe store, she was bumped into by someone looking and sounding just like the king. Thinking it was at first a coincidence, she thinks differently once she sees that Al has sweated the silhouette of Elvis through his shirt.

Going all out, Peg converts the Bundy house into an Elvis tourist attraction. While customers have a chance to “Feed the Dog Who Saw Lassie” (Buck) and takes pictures with the famed stain, Peg sits behind a velvet rope recounting false anecdotes to eager fans.

For the VIP customers, they not only get priority seating around the house but have the chance to stick their heads underneath Al’s underarms for a picture of where the immortal sweat stain originated.

As Al returns home and objects to this, a group of motley Elvis impersonators arrives. He gives Peg an ultimatum of him or Elvis.

So, Al Bundy would have to sleep in his shoe store.