Great Mashup of Married… With Children: Opening Sequences From Across The Years.

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This YouTuber created an amazing mix of the opening sequences from across the various seasons of the popular show Married…With Children. You can see how the main characters like Al, Peg, Bud & Kelly changed…… and in plenty of cases just didn’t change! Like Peg’s amazing dresses or gravity defying hair styles. Just absolutely phenomenal and I don’t think we’ve seen styling that even since!

Maybe its just me, but I think we are missing a character like Al Bundy on today’s TV shows. A guy who speaks his mind and just doesn’t take any nonsense. A classic all-American hero. In many ways, Jay on “Modern Family” is just Al Bundy in later life and there are so many wonderful nods to the original character in that particular show. So checkout the below video as its brilliant edit and awesome flashback to one of the greatest shows ever made.