From Jablonsky to Jefferson

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Many actors have made multiple appearances on Married…With Children as different roles. So it should seem no surprise that one of them actually became a regular. As a different person of course. Ted Mcginley debuted as Norman Jablonsky in season four of the show. In what would turn out to be a vision/dream of Al, he was the one who was married to Peg and father to Kelly and Bud. But not the same people we knew as he makes the character switch from Jablonsky to Jefferson.

With Norman Jablonsky as the patriarch, the family was much better off and quite happier. In fact, Peg tells her husband about a horrible encounter she had with a rude shoe salesman. Describing him as a “rude, smelly, uneducated little man”, Norman counters “Imagine a grown man selling shoes for a living.”

In what was a spoof of It’s A Wonderful Life, Al wakes up from this meaning, of course, it didn’t really happen.

However, the next season Ted Mcginley would return to the show yet debut as Jefferson Darcy, Marcy’s new husband as a result of a drunken wedding.

Like Norman and Al, Norman and Jefferson could not be more different. While Norman was a family man who provided for his family and seemed to have a steady job, Jefferson is a playboy gigolo who mooches off anyone he can and rarely if ever has had a hard day’s work.

There would be many actors who would make multiple appearances as different characters but only one that became a Married…With Children regular.