Cub ‘Uns

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Mother nature seems to have done what Jefferson Darcy and many others could not…eliminate Fidel Castro. The former communist dictator of Cuba passed away recently, but he easily could have been taken out years before at the hands of the former C.I.A. operative/gigolo.

As he is seen reading Cub ‘Uns, the Cuban equivalent of Big ‘Uns, Jefferson infiltrates his office and does a mock assassination attempt. Revealing that they are now friends, Jefferson mentions he was fired from the company for his inability to kill Fidel.

He also shows him a picture of his wife, prompting the dictator to remark “you married the kid from Home Improvement!”

The purpose of Jefferson’s visit is to ask for assistance in getting parts from old junk cars lying around to use for Al Bundy’s Dodge. In exchange for his aid, Castro is gifted America’s finest export…Snackwells.

Addressing the Cuban crowd, Castro remarks that his people must help Al Bundy, a poor and needy man. When the crowd scoffs at someone needier than them, Jefferson reveals that he sells women’s shoes.