An introduction to “Married… with Children”

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Married… with Children is a classic American sitcom that aired for 11 seasons between ’87 and ’97. Featuring a dysfunctional family living in a fictional suburb of Chicago. The series’ 262-episode run makes it the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on the Fox network and in ’08, this incredible TV show placed #94 on Entertainment Weekly ​s “New TV Classics” list

The show follows the lives of Al Bundy, a once sublime secondary school football player turned ladies’ shoe sales representative; his tough wife, Peggy; their attractive, promiscuous, and clueless daughter, Kelly; and their girl-crazy, wisecracking son, Bud. Also playing important roles are the neighbors, Steve Rhoades and his women’s activist wife Marcy, who later gets remarried to Jefferson D’Arcy, a criminal who becomes her “trophy husband” and Al Bundy’s sidekick. Most storylines include Al’s plans being thwarted by his own misfortune and poor planning. His competition with and despising for Marcy plays a key role in many of the best episodes.