Al’s Trip Around the World

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With summer coming to a close many of us have already taken our vacations. But did you know that you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to go on a trip. Actually, you don’t even need to leave your own home.

Take it from Al Bundy, who once went on a trip around the world without leaving his couch. Claiming the pilot put up a “No Peg Sign”, Al barricades himself from the rest of his family with miniature fences around the couch.

His first destination is New York courtesy of Escape From New York. Next up is Washington D.C. with Happy Hooker Goes to Washington. Then he goes overseas to England with British Babes Need Discipline.

In the midst of his trip to Casablanca, he is actually interrupted by Bud, who questions Al’s so-called vacation. Al explains that he knows he’s just sitting on the couch but for the rest of the year he’s selling shoes…ladies shoes…fat ladies. And that is enough to scare off Bud and keep him on his trip.

“Arriving” back home, Al’s first thought is that he misses his couch. He claims on his trip that he had it all. Romance, intrigue, adventure. But nothing like being home with a nice, normal family. Until his next vacation I suppose.