Al Meets With Ms. Blaub

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Al Bundy just seems to forever have a problem with obnoxious fat women. Even when he is going to an employment office to find a job, he just can’t help himself and that’s where Al meets with Ms. Blaub.

Dealing with Ms. Blaub, Al tells her he’s not going to take just anything unlike her at an open buffet. Calling her “Blob”, he says he does know how to pronounce her name and that it is a descriptive term.

While most of the fat women on Married With Children that Al insults merely walk away astonished, Ms. Blaub actually counters Al. She mocks his high school football accomplishments and even rhetorically asks how many years of college Al had.

Blaub asks Al if he has any skills, to which he answers that he is naturally inquisitive. An example is he is wondering just how much that chair she’s sitting on weighs.