Al Bundy’s House of Sole

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Al Bundy achieved his greatest feats and successes during his high school days of the 1960’s. So it should come as no surprise that he hates the 70’s as that would be the time he married Peg and started his family. “The clothes, the shoes, the music, boy did they suck” he surmises.

But when he and Jefferson accidentally find crates of vintage 70’s shoes in Al’s shoe store, he changes his tune. Being told by Jefferson that this could be even bigger than high school football, Al opens up Al Bundy’s House Of Sole.

Seeing an opportunity when supermodel Dominique (played by Tawny Kitean) ventures into the store, Jefferson offers her free shoes in exchange for plugging them on TV and wearing them.

Hosting Fox’s first annual Lingerie Awards, Dominique does just that. With her endorsement, Al and Jefferson plot a late night shoe sale to capitalize. In true Bundy fashion, the sole of Dominique’s shoe breaks and she collapses off the stage. The announcers have no problem blaming and repeating, and even spelling Al Bundy’s name to the audience for this.

Sensing prosperity, Al proclaimed “Goodbye Peg. Hello everybody else.” But just as Dominique took a nose dive, so too did Al’s dreams. “Hello Peg. Goodbye everybody else.”