Al Bundy’s Best Fat Women Scenes

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We all know that Al Bundy had issues with big women! Here are some of his best clips! One two three four, you’re gonna fall through the floor.

Some people say its not aged as well as other shows but it’s good, real good. From the age when other sitcoms were really kiddie friendly, this added in some raunchy content that made it hilarious. I love Al and can sympathize with all his shenanigans

Peg: Al why don’t you have any pictures of me at your work.
Al: cause Peg that would defeat the purpose of going there.

Peg: Al why don’t you ever take me to the beach?
Al: Whats the point? You’d just find your way back home.

Al: Peg, have I told you how much I love you today?
Peg: No Al, you haven’t!
Al: Okay good.

Al: Peg, what you got there?
Peg: It’s a boar’s head.
Al: I know but what’s behind your back?

Peg: Whats that toilet got that I don’t?
Al: A job.