Al Bundy Quits His Job

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When Al Bundy learns that Gary, the man who owns the shoe store has been in a plane crash and thought dead, Al sees this as an opportunity. He believes that if he spends the family’s savings on flowers for his grieving loved ones that they will give Al a raise.

Once Al learns that Gary survived the crash, he prepares to give his boss an ultimatum. Either come to Chicago in one week and shake his hand for all his hard work or he’s going to quit.

Customers and employees at the mall hear this news and do whatever they can to remind Al of this threat. Once the week passes, Al Bundy stays true to his word and walks out of the shoe store.

His first day of unemployment consists of sharing the couch with Peg and repeatedly asking her questions about her soap operas and game shows that she routinely watches. His presence annoys and embarrasses his family, and even prompts Kelly to tell her friends that he’s just her mother’s boyfriend because her actual father is in prison.

It takes one day of this before Al goes back to work. In addition to his family and all the naysayers and critics of him that have shown up to scoff at him, he receives a surprise visit from Gary. This “Gary Patterson” tells Al he received his flowers and is very appreciative.

However, this is not exactly a true act. This Gary is actually a friend of Al’s impersonating him. He says “I’ve got alimony. I’ll do anything for money.”

Thus, Al gains some albeit false respect and Gary is never mentioned again. Until eight years later.