Al Bundy American Patriot

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When Al Bundy is charged by the phone company for a long distance call he did not make he does what Americans used to do. He fights back. Of course, that results in them turning off the Bundy household service and turning his family against him.

Trying to explain to his son Bud for his stubbornness, he says that the problem with America is that nobody stands up for themselves anymore. That the USA used to have slogans like “Don’t tread on me”, “54-40 or fight”, and “Tipi Canue and somebody too.” He says those slogans have been replaced with wimpy ones such as “I’m an American, I’m sorry.”

He further points out that if founding father Thomas Jefferson was charged with a phone call he didn’t make, the entire Boston Harbor would be filled with phones all over. Asking his father if he is comparing himself to Thomas Jefferson, Bud counters “then how come they call him a great man and they call you butt-head?”

Al Bundy answers that if that’s the new word for American patriot, then so be it.