Al and Griff meet Hal and Biff

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To help Al and Griff, Gary hires two young employees, named Hal and Biff, who seem to resemble the two in their younger days. As it turns out, the new employees do better at their jobs than Al and Griff, which leads to Gary firing them.

Al and Griff get jobs as an elf and a reindeer, though the two are still miserable. Al goes to plead for his job back, where the shoestore has a load of customers. Hal and Biff are frightened, and Al makes them horrified when he notes the similarities between Hal and Al’s early feelings about how it was “just a summer job”, among various things. The thought of being like Al and Griff makes the two quit and deluged with customers, Gary hires Al immediately. Griff runs back to the store, crept out by the other reindeer.