10 AMAZING Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Married… With Children’

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Some might say that “Married… With Children” is a slightly vulgar sitcom. This is shortsighted as in it’s heart, it was a rather sweet-natured and loving show. Great stories about a family that stays together through almost everything, it stayed on the air for 11 seasons. Checkout 10 brilliant facts you didn’t know about Married… With Children.

1. Ed O’Neil who plays Al Bundy is the proud owner of a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu.

2. A lost episode called “I’ll See You In Court” – didn’t make it onto the air until FX showed it in 2002.

3. Married… With Children producer, Ron Leavitt, once won a competitive eating contest against wrestling legend King Kong Bundy.

4. There was a Russian remake of the show – which translates to “Happy Together”!

5. The original network FOX initially offered the roles of Al and Peggy Bundy to Sam Kinison and Roseanne.

6. Sam Kinison ended up guest starring on the show as Al’s guardian angel.

7. The band Anthrax guest starred in a season 6 episode. They performed “In My World” off of their album “Persistance Of Time.”

8. The famous house from the show’s introduction is a real house in Deerfield, IL.

9. Oh Peg! Peggy Bundy’s rarely mentioned maiden name in the show is “Wanker”, which is British slang for “masturbator.”

10. According to a 1997 article from the LA Times, the actual working title of the show while it was in pre-production was “Not The Cosbys” – a nod to the feelgood series “The Cosby Show” that was also airing at the time. With hindsight, I think we can all agree that its good that the name changed!